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Hi, Lumiris. At this post, i will guide you how to use this website.

Websites’s Functions.

Getting used with old site, eh? Our new theme is stunning, but also makes our new members harder to use. For the sake of simplicity, here is a feature comparison table between the old and new website:

FeaturesNew websiteThe old ones
Log-in via Social Networks✔️
User profile✔️
User can write their article✔️
Author’s ranking✔️
There are mores, like filtering posts, but it easy to get used and not really ‘new’ so we don’t mention it here.

RULEs (This is important, you have to read it or you will be B O N K)

  • NO hate words. This life is full of drama and shiet, so please be polite, like a gentleman, and give us some love.
  • NO gossip. You’re simp. We knew it, that’s why you came here. Don’t be a whiny, jealous child download all of our files and then do something stupid and think you’re hero of your idol. You’re nothing.
  • Political talks are RESTRICTED. We know somewhere out there has political conflict, you’re tired of that shiet and come here, like a tired collar after all day long and go to bar, and we will share your boredom and depression. But everything has it limit, try to break it and you will be screwed.
  • New albums LEAK is PROHIBITED. You love your girl, your artist and their works, right? We understand you have good intentions to share, but please be patient and wait at least a few months (maybe 3.). Your patience will save us from being aimed from your idol, and also help her business. Thieves must also have principles, right?
  • FZ Leaking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. We always have eyes watching you. Try to share it, and you will die. In any means.
  • One last thing, we have girls in our community. Please be gentle with them.

FAQs (You should read this in order not to ask any weird questions and nobody will reply it.)

  • This link is dead, what you gonna do? – Please read anything carefully, make sure that link is really dead (404, not exceeding 100 download times). If it just exceeding download times, try to download it again in the next day. Otherwise, you can tell us at out live chat, or you can reply below that post.
  • Is your content safe? Does it contain any kind of virus / malware? – Anything we upload will have at least 2 times tested on our machines, especially games. In albums archive you downloaded, you can see a weird file names “desktop.ini” it just a text file set the icon for my folder. You can delete it. On the other hand, we always try do delete any credit html files from our game folder to make it as ‘clean’ as possible, but sometimes delete that file will make the game cannot run anymore (like IGG-Games for example). (NOTICE here: We always respect any cracking, or fan-translate team, we always will leave credit and the most respect words for you guys, in any ero-game post. Sometimes we will have our typo mistake and will forgot to write that down, and if it happens please notice us. Thank you so much.)
  • This circle / girl / artist article is out-of-date and i have new stuffs. How can i support? – You can write an article in your profile settings. Basically that ‘article’ is a pending post, try to write it nice, we will check it and approve if it’s goods, otherwise we will modify it a little bit, but still keeps your credit :3 The worst case we delete your posts, we will still appreciate your positive works and let you know why we deleted the post.

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